Courier Services and Parcel Delivery from the UK to India

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

Are you looking for a reliable and economical way to ship some goods from the UK to India? With a population of over 1.2 billion people, India has a lot of commercial links to the UK and hundreds of individual shippers and businesses need to import goods to India every day. It’s not a big deal today, due to numerous connections between the UK and India that are well established. However, there are some ground rules you need to know before using a courier service, or sending a parcel from the UK to India.

The Benefits of Using Courier Services from the UK to India Include the Following:

  • Enjoy Quick, Easy and Efficient Deliveries for All Urgent and Non-Urgent Deliveries
  • Deadline-Oriented Reliable Service
  • Using the Courier Force Makes Things Easy for You by Providing Convenient Door- to-Door Service
  • Online Tracking Parcel
  • Customer Service Is Available 24/7
  • A Parcel from the UK to India Is Usually Delivered in 5-7 Working Days
  • The Weight Limit Is 2 kg and (5 kg for Books or Pamphlets that Need to Be Shipped
  • The Maximum Compensation Is £250

Understand More about Prohibited and Restricted Items

You must not send items to the country where they are prohibited or restricted. Prohibited items like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and similar electronic devices, live animals, opium, prepared edible fat and more are not permitted in the mail from the UK to India under any circumstances. Restricted items also include coffee, tea, dairy products, spices, herbs, plants, fruits, seeds, sports goods, cereals, drugs, medicines, organic chemicals, animal fats, and oil. Remember that you can always find more information directly on the India Post official website if you need further information.

There Are Specific Addressing Guidelines Provided by the India Post:

  • The post town should be underlined and be written in block letters.
  • It is important to include the PIN code of the post town plus the district.
  • Indications of a route that begin with “via” should not be given.
  • In order to avoid any inconveniences, the name of the state should also be noted.

Modern Shipping for a More Modern World

With modern shipment and courier services, sending a parcel from the UK to India has become a super-easy task. You can book your delivery no matter where you are with an online booking option while still being able to ask all of the necessary questions online. Getting a quote is also simple, all you need is to indicate the weight and dimensions of the parcel and choose an appropriate courier service. Usually the company produces all of the necessary shipping documentation you’ll need for your delivery as a part of your general booking process.

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