Month: March 2012

The Taxi over the years

The first taxi dates back to ancient Rome. In the Roman empire there were scores of taxis hauled by humans and animals. The taxi meter came centuries later, when it was developed by Wilhelm Bruhn in 1891. This enabled the driver to keep a track of the transportation...

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History of the rail

Rail transport has changed its face over the years. Starting off in the mid 14th century it has changed dramatically over the years. The earliest rail can be dated to 1350 in Germany and it was a stained glass window kind. The design of a funicular railway was...

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Mumbai – Pune road trip

Traveling from Mumbai to Pune is an enjoyable ride because of the good connectivity both the places have via roads, railways and air. Pune being a 3 hour drive from Mumbai, buses are mostly preferred. Buses from Mumbai to Pune are readily available from all the major...

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