What You Need to Know About Antique Shipping in Los Angeles

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Moving and Relocating

Shipping antiques can be nerve-racking because they require a higher level of care than the shipment of other items. In order to ensure items arrive on time and in superb condition, levels of care and experience play a significant role in antique shipping in Los Angeles.

Planning, Preparation, and Execution

Antiques are invaluable because they are one of a kind and hold special meaning. Many antiques are appraised at thousands of dollars. As such, they require thorough planning and utmost care when being handled. The entire shipping process from beginning to end requires extensive preparation, execution, and attention to detail.

Planning is essential when it comes to antique shipping. Proper planning and preparation can prevent damage and ensure successful arrival. Customized planning guarantees that every single antique is treated uniquely and specially.

After planning occurs, execution is the next step. The initial packing process is when antiques are most vulnerable to being damaged. Fortunately, shipping professionals can use strategy and well-known techniques to ensure that antiques are not compromised during the packing process. Custom crates are utilized for antiques of particularly high value and upon request. Crates reduce the risk of damage because they are customized to fit each particular item.

After the antiques are packed, the shipment takes place. Special freight services and supervision may be necessary to ensure the highest quality of delivery. Ultimately, the level of planning will influence the preparation and overall success of the shipping process.

Level of Experience

In addition to planning and preparation, the level of experience also impacts the quality and success of the shipment. Given its special requirements, shipping antiques is best executed by professionals who have extensive shipping experience. Professionals with extensive experience can provide assurance and peace of mind.

Experienced professionals also recognize the value of the antiques and will treat them as their own. They understand that their reputation is intertwined with their ability to successfully ship the antique item. As such, they will go above and beyond to ensure that antiques arrive in the best condition.


Another consideration when shipping antiques is timing. If possible, scheduling the shipment far in advance is beneficial. Allowing more time ensures that the shipping process is not rushed and that more planning can take place. For more urgent shipping needs, experienced professionals can make accommodations for timely arrival without compromising quality.

When it comes to antique shipping, there are certain factors that must be considered for a successful shipment. Antiques are too valuable to be compromised due to inexperience and improper planning. Strategic planning, preparation, and special transport are all components of the process. Level of experience and timing also play a role. Shipping your most beloved antiques can be a smooth process when properly planned. For more information visit Art Pack.

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