Qualifications Required to Get a Driving Job in Oregon

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Transportation and Logistics

Finding a job driving can be a lucrative career choice, but it’s important for those interested in operating any form of heavy machinery to understand the qualifications and skills they’ll need to perform the work safely. Before applying for a driving Job in Oregon workers should find out about the qualifications they’ll need to enter this field. Read on to find out about a few of the things that companies look for driver.

OSHA Compliance Training

The most important qualification a driving job can have OSHA compliance training. This can be obtained by entering a training program. Those who pass their training programs will receive compliance certifications that can help them get a job in their field.

On the Job Experience

Most companies hiring operators don’t impose formal educational requirements beyond having a diploma , but many of them do give preference to job candidates who have on-the-job experience or training in addition to OSHA training. Note that if readers are looking for their first Driving Job in Oregon recruitment agencies can help match them up with companies that don’t require prior on-the-job experience, though. Just be forewarned that these entry-level jobs should be considered a stepping stone to better-paying jobs requiring more experience.

Medical Assessments

Drivers must be in excellent physical condition, as they will spend long hours operating their equipment, and must often undergo a medical assessment before being hired. Given the potential for injury that comes along with operating any form of heavy equipment, it makes sense that the majority of employers also screen their employees for drugs and alcohol use.

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