Challenges Involved With Efficient Heavy Equipment Hauling

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

Hauling road construction equipment from one place to another is a specialized job requiring a high level of skill. For efficient heavy equipment hauling, a contractor or government agency knows that hiring an organization with substantial experience in this realm is important. The drivers must be skilled in driving a semi towing a flatbed trailer, securing the load, and managing the heavy weight while on the road. They may need to haul excavators, scrapers, bulldozers, off-highway trucks and other equipment commonly used in building new roads or replacing deteriorated ones.

It’s not possible to equally distribute the weight of these loads, which a driver usually can do with an enclosed trailer load consisting of items such as canned food, paper products or electronics. With heavy earth moving equipment, the bulk of the weight may be in one limited area even though the length and width of the machinery are substantial. Because the work is challenging and requires additional skills, many trucking companies don’t offer heavy equipment transport service.

People in charge of hiring equipment haulers often accept bids on jobs. If this is not a bid job, they still generally obtain several quotes for efficient heavy equipment hauling. Sometimes they assign the project to an organization located a significant distance away. That’s another reason the drivers must be exceptionally skilled. They may not be hauling the machinery over to the next town, but may travel hundreds of miles with it.

These individuals may need to deal with heavy urban traffic, relatively narrow bridges, and sharp curves. They must understand when the weather is bad enough that pulling over for a break is the smartest move, even if it means arriving later than scheduled. For example, heavy equipment loads, high winds and tall, long bridges do not make a good mix. It can be difficult enough to manage a normal trailer load in these conditions, much less a flatbed with an enormous road scraper secured to it. Nevertheless, the transportation of this machinery is essential. Companies such as Spanky’s Wrecker Service are dedicated to doing this type of work and making sure it’s done safely.

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