How Local Movers in Denver Can Help Plan Your Move

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Moving Services

Many people think that they can begin the packing process for a move one to two weeks prior to the moving date. However, this can be detrimental to a smooth move. It is best to begin the packing process anywhere between one and two months before you move to ensure you encounter no difficulties, problems or delays on your moving date.

You should create a timeline, with all the steps and times, so you know what needs to be done, and this should also be given to your local movers. Denver has many such movers who can also help you with pre-move planning.

Initial Steps
You should first collect all your packing supplies. This means gathering good clean boxes or reusable containers, buying packing tape and dispensers, having permanent markers for labeling your boxes, and having enough packing materials so that your boxes can be filled completely so as to avoid any damage. Local movers can often provide these needed supplies.

Set Up Phases
Create your packing timeline into phases can make the process easier. At one to two months before your moving day, go through your home and determine what you want to keep and what you don’t. The items to be discarded can be sold at a yard sale or given to charity.

About three weeks in advance, pack all the elements that you are currently not using, including any seasonal items. Depending on the time of year that you move, you may need to pack holiday items or winter clothes if you’re moving to summer and vice versa. The boxes should be taped neatly and completely and marked with their contents and the rooms in which they will go to your new home. The packing and marking strategy should be consistent, regardless of who packs the boxes. Once packed, the boxes should be placed in the rooms with which they are associated so as to make it easier for the local moving professionals.

About a week before you move, determine what items need to be held out for the final days in your old home and what things will go into “Open Me First” boxes in your new home. These can include plates, tableware, glasses and cooking utensils as well as linens and bedding, as well as tools for setting up your new home.

This careful planning of your move along with the help of local movers, Denver-based ones, in particular, can pay off for moving day.

Armstrong Relocation – Denver was established in 2005 and has been serving the Denver area with personal move management and planning, including full or partial packing and unpacking as well as other full-service moving options. The goal of the company is to handle as much responsibility as possible when servicing its customers and taking on any size job.

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