3 Things Shipped in Refrigerated Trucks That Aren’t Food

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Transportation and Logistics

Many people see companies that offer refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago and immediately think “food”. Yes, refrigerated trucks are used for food. It’s one of the many services we offer here at Larry’s Cartage Company, Inc. But there are other reasons someone may need to hire a cold truck service. Here are three things that ship via these trucks all the time, that aren’t food.


Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a special anniversary, or a wedding, flowers are always in demand. But getting fresh flowers from one place to another without them wilting on the way is a conundrum. That is, it was – until we learned that shipping flowers in the cold environment of a refrigerated truck kept them bright and fresh. Flowers are shipped from nurseries to florists, from big florists to smaller florists, and from wholesale companies to nurseries – and that’s just the start.


There are many medical substances that must be kept cool, or they will no longer be useful. Insulin is one. Saline is another. However, many pharmaceutical companies have all their drugs shipped via refrigerated truck, to ensure that none of the products undergo any sort of spoiling in a hot environment. This requires that the products be shipped very carefully, with expert attention to the way they are delivered. Closely related to the pharmaceutical industry, refrigerated shipping is also often used for shipping makeup and beauty supplies that could potentially melt.


Speaking of melting, did you know that candles are something often shipped via refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago? It’s true. The delicate wax can melt in high temperatures, but more than that, heated environments can even alter the way candles smell. For everything from a romantic dinner date to a prayer candle, these come straight to churches, restaurants, and stores, on refrigerated trucks. Other wax-based products are also often shipped via refrigerated trucks. Other Ways Larry’s Cartage Company, Inc. Serves the Chicagoland Area.

Refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago is used for all sorts of material. Hazardous materials are often something we ship at Larry’s Cartage Company, Inc. We offer both local and regional transport, and we also ship overweight loads. Our service runs 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. If you have something that must be shipped via a refrigerated truck, we can help. Call u at (630) 920-0772.

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