Art Pack Offers Climate Control Storage in Orange County

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Moving and Relocating

Art Pack has proudly served the Southern California area for decades. Now we are pleased to offer a range of storage options for our clients who need a secure place to keep their treasured works of art. Our facility is equipped with the latest security features, climate control equipment, on-site safety staff, secured access, and many other services. We offer flexible storage solutions for both long and short term periods to meet all of your storage needs.

Why You May Need to Store Your Artwork

There may come a time where you need to stores your works of art in a safe and secure place. Maybe you are traveling for an extended period of time, are doing renovations, are moving, or have concerns about the safety of your current set up. Art Pack offers a variety of storage spaces and areas to store everything from paintings to sculptures. We can receive your art shipments in our warehouse and w will take care of the unloading and storing for you! And you can rest assured that your art is safe with us as we meet and exceed any insurance requirements you may have. 

Our Facility Also Offers:

  • Museum-quality set up with fully climatized rooms
  • Dust free set up to ensure the preservation of fine works of art
  • Humidity-controlled to prevent mold and mildew
  • 24-hour security systems and on-site monitoring
  • Fully equipped dock, loading and unloading, and warehouse services
  • Private, safe, confidential, and secure storage of any art collection
  • No public access allowed and key entry required to access your art
  • Smoke and fire protected building construction
  • And much more!

Contact Us Today

To learn more about our climate control storage in Orange County, call us today. We are here to meet all of your artwork shipping and storage needs!

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