Your Car Towing Colorado Expert Offers Advice on Buying the Right Trailer Hitch

by | Nov 2, 2012 | Transportation and Logistics

If you have anything that you need to tow and have decided to purchase a trailer system, you’ll find there are many styles and brands available. When purchasing a trailer hitch, it’s essential to find one that matches your make of vehicle and falls within your budget. As with any big ticket item, keep in mind that the quality often reflects the price. A good hitch should have a universal fit which means it can be transferred between vehicles. This will allow you to sell your current vehicle and still keep the same hitch.

Road Safety Concerns
According to car towing Colorado specialists, safety is a key issue when considering hitch systems. It’s recommended to gather as much information regarding the safety of not only your passengers, but others on the road. There may also be local and state requirements regarding trailer towing. There are several common types of hitches available. The towing industry has a classification system to differentiate hitch systems based on the weight towing capabilities. These run from classification rating one to classification rating five.

Maintenance Considerations
Once you have found the right kind of trailer hitch for your needs and have it installed be certain to check the bolts and nuts or other fasters for security. It’s highly advised to have a professional handle the installation. Connection points typically require frequent lubrication. This is to allow the coupler attached to the hitch ball to move around freely. Keep in mind that towing vehicles must undergo stringent maintenance such as cooling system checks and oil changes. To ensure tire safety and vehicle handling, tire pressure must be regularly tested for over or under inflation.

Towing Accessories
Be sure to choose a hitch that has the strength to handle the maximum anticipated trailer weights yet doesn’t exceed the vehicle’s towing capacity. Refer to your owner’s manual for tongue weight and towing limitations. Additionally, always consider any vehicle modifications which may be beneficial. These would include air springs, larger sway bars, stiffer springs and an automatic transmission cooler. These changes are beneficial on vehicles used for long-distance or heavy towing.

Proper Equipment
When towing an automobile or any other type of vehicle, safety should always be the first priority. Whether you are buying or renting towing equipment, carefully consider the different options available such as cost, size, weight holding capacity and vehicle braking system. A car towing Colorado professional service can assist motorists with the right tools to closely match their vehicle transportation needs.

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