Types of Cars Available through an Orlando Transportation Service

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

www.elegancetransportation.com 2013-7-9 15 39 53Whether you prefer to arrive at your vacation destination in style or you want to make sure you don’t have anything to worry about on your trip, using an Orlando transportation service can be your best option for your next vacation. No matter what your destination is within the Orlando area, you will be able to find the perfect vehicle to best meet your needs. The type of vehicle you choose will depend greatly on the number of people you travel with and the style you prefer.

Classy Cars

If you are traveling as a small family, you don’t need anything big or overly flashy when you head for Disney World or Universal Studios. Instead, you can find a transportation service that will pick you up in a classy car to transport you from the airport to your destination with no effort on your part. Some of the common cars you can expect from this type of service include Lincoln Town Car or even a Mercedes.

Passenger Vans

People often travel to this area in larger groups. For instance, a group of siblings may go with their parents, their spouses and their children, creating a larger group from several smaller groups. You can save money on your transportation to and from the airport by finding an Orlando transportation services that can provide you with passenger vans that can accommodate seven or 12 people so everyone can arrive at their destination together.


Some people simply love to do everything in style when they go on vacation. You can feel like a real celebrity when you show up at your hotel in a classy black limo. Everyone will stop and stare, wondering who will be exiting this exquisite vehicle. Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy this type of transportation. It is your vacation; start and end it in style.

Traveling around the Orlando area can be difficult if you are traveling there for your vacation. Instead of spending extra time and money trying to figure out how to get around, hire an Orlando transportation service to transport you from the airport to your hotel and back. You will be able to choose the right car for your needs, allowing you to accommodate your entire group in one car. There are also many styles from which you can choose to ensure you enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

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