Track Your Fleet with New Technology

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

It might seem a little too ‘big brother’ but in this day and age it seems more and more important to track your fleet vehicles so that you know where they are each and every day. There are many reasons, for instance why fleet tracking in New York is so popular and one of those is because of the traffic congestion. It is not always possible to deliver a package or item exactly on time because one can never account for the traffic. Other reasons are to prevent vehicle theft, or to at least track a stolen vehicle and its contents and of course to make sure the driver of the vehicle is keeping to their work schedule and using the vehicle correctly.

Truck tracking systems combine GPS vehicle tracking with other software which collects a comprehensive set of data during each journey. This can include fuel efficiency, amount of stoppages, average miles per hour, any detours taken or unscheduled stops, among many others. Typically, there are active tracking and passive tracking. Passive tracking simply tells you the speed, location, direction and locking systems, whereas active systems still capture that data, but they also send it to a specific location for analysis and recording. With active services, your company can also transmit data in real-time, via cellular or satellite devices.

Keeping Track of your Trucks

GPS tracking systems are a an extremely useful tool in that they can track and recover stolen vehicles, manage the fleet to find out the real-time location of all trucks and drivers, track your assets and valuable items, management of field services, monitoring of fuel usage and economy, surveillance, and a whole host of other useful and efficient services.

There are some other less conventional uses for tracking systems, and they are fitted to vehicles that deliver perishables, for instance, to make sure they arrive at their destination within the time limit. Other uses include limousine services who can time the guests arrival with a truly warm welcome, as well as using them for car rental companies to make sure they can keep track of the whereabouts of their vehicles at all times. There are probably a whole bunch more applications for GPS tracking systems, and it’s just a matter of using it to the best advantage.

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