Tips to Know Prior to Renting Your Storage Trailer

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

The number one thing to think about and decide when searching for a storage trailer is the length of time you will be using it and what you are using it for. Yes, you are going to store for a specific need, however, think about where you draw the inclusions and exclusions for what you will place into storage. This is important to know up front as you will be ordering a storage trailer size specific to what you ask for when you order it. You don’t want to run out of room because you didn’t work on a strategy or plan well enough.

Tips to know prior to renting your storage trailer

You need to think about whether or not you would like a storage trailer at your own site, curb, driveway, or at a rental facility. There are many options out there to fit every individual or business’s needs. Once that decision is made you can move forward. Should you decide to rent at the storage facility, then you need to make a basic decision about size based on the defined stored items outlined in previous paragraph. Next you will decide whether or not you want climate controlled units or not. Climate controlled units are good for refrigerated or frozen needs as well as wood furniture. They are also used to store photography, photos, books, artwork and any other items you can think of that would not be good in high to low temperatures over a period of time you are storing them for. You will want to consider purchasing insurance from the company that is contracted through the storage rental facility. The rates are reasonable and will pay should anything get broken or broke into. You will need to ask more at the rental storage facility that you choose for your treasured items. Next you will need to consider the need for ease of moving your items. Do you want to back up right into or at least up to the unit? These units are typically more and are needed for large and heavy items. Then you will decide whether or not you want an inside or outside unit. The inside units are more regulated in terms of their temperature.

While boxing and moving things around, now is the time to get rid of things that you decided aren’t going to the storage trailer. Give to a donation center and take a tax write-off off. Now is the best time to downsize. When discussing the rental cost with the rental company ask for the long term and short term costs.


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