How to Pack Moving Boxes in San Antonio

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Moving and Relocating

If you are facing the dilemma of deciding which movers to hire, you are probably in the process of packing your moving boxes in San Antonio. Relocation is the perfect opportunity to downsize and you can do this while you are sorting out the moving boxes in San Antonio. The moving company will simply load the boxes onto a truck and take them to the desired location, but your role is to prepare everything in advance. So, how exactly do you pack moving boxes in San Antonio for electronics, valuables and fragile items?

Get Moving Supplies

Before you can begin placing items into different boxes you need to buy moving supplies. It will be cheaper to get these from the moving company and when you buy moving boxes in San Antonio you need to think about which size you need. Will you be moving large pieces of furniture? If so, you should inquire about bigger boxes and when the mover asks you what items will be placed in these boxes, it is important to be as precise as possible. Aside from boxes you will need to get your hands on moving supplies like bubble wrap, which protects your belongings, shrink wrap, which prevents items from being scratched or scuffed and moving tape, which can withstand force and will keep items secured in boxes.

Designate a Packing Room

Spend a day organizing your moving boxes in San Antonio and save time by designating a packing room. By placing al of the boxes in one room you will have control over where everything is and will be able to quickly place items in boxes according to their size and fragility. If you own a lot of possessions it is a good idea to begin preparing for movers a couple of weeks before they come. With a designated packing room you can disguise boxes out of sight and not worry about them cluttering up your property.

Pack According to Size and Category

You will be amazed at the variety of items you own when you start arranging the moving boxes in San Antonio. Do yourself, and the movers, a favor by creating labels and placing them on the boxes. These labels can read ‘fragile’, ‘heavy’, ‘kitchen’, ‘bedroom’ or anything else that makes identifying the contents that little bit easier. Store small items together and large items together to avoid confusion and use larger boxes to package the lightweight objects. Consider what items you will need in the time leading up to relocation and set them aside.


The further the moving company has to travel, the more wear and tear the moving boxes in San Antonio will face. To avoid damages it is essential that you use packing tape and bubble wrap or shrink wrap to shield your belongings from harm. Move Pros offer packing supplies to every customer that works with them. You can learn more about their affordable services and get an estimate at

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