Things to Consider When Planning to Hire a Mover in Oahu

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

Before someone hires a professional Mover in Oahu, it’s a good idea to Get an estimate from at least a few companies and ask certain questions of each representative. Some companies charge a great deal more than others but don’t offer better service; that type of estimate can be dismissed. A company that demands full payment upfront also should be disregarded, as that is not standard operating procedure. A deposit normally is made beforehand, and the rest of the payment provided immediately after the job is complete.

How Much Space Is Needed?

Even before getting estimates, it’s advisable to start packing to get a sound idea of the size of the truck or trailer that will be needed from a Mover in Oahu. That’s particularly important when somebody is moving an entire large household of belongings. The customer will want to offer an educated guess about how many cardboard boxes and plastic totes will be going along, for example. This isn’t as important when there are only 30 or 40 of these containers, but some individuals realize they’re going to have 200 or 300 to pack into the vehicle.

Do Some Services Cost Extra?

Consumer organizations generally find it acceptable when movers charge a bit extra for certain situations. If the workers must climb up and down staircases, an extra fee may apply. This is typical for houses with two or three stories. Basic moving service includes carrying items to the vehicle, bringing them to the new location and carrying them inside. Extra charges apply if the customer wants the movers to empty out cabinets and pack things in boxes. If furniture must be disassembled, that may also be an additional cost, but the movers probably won’t charge to dismantle a bookcase or two.

Concluding Thoughts

The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that some 40 million household moves are made every year. Fortunately, most of them are completed without any negative incidents other than the general stress associated with this type of project. A reasonable estimate can be obtained from a company like Hawaii Self Storage, after which the move can be expected to take place smoothly.

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