Remove a Vehicle from the Side of a Road with Heavy Duty Towing in Beaumont

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

If your car has been playing up for a couple of months and has finally decided to give in, you will need to get heavy duty towing in Beaumont. Heavy duty towing in Beaumont will be available throughout the day and night, so whether you have broken down on a roundabout or at the side of a bus stop, you can guarantee that help is on its way. The company you work with will need to use the appropriate equipment in order to transport your vehicle away and reduce the chances of hazards for other motorists, which is why you need to learn about the requirements before you pay for heavy duty towing in Beaumont.

The Physical Requirements of Tow Truck Drivers

A tow truck driver should be 18 years old or older in order to complete heavy duty towing in Beaumont. This age increases to 21 years old if the driver travels from state to state to help customers. Bear this in mind when you seek out assistance because, after all, your money and your vehicle is at stake. Most tow truck drivers will need to pass a color test to make sure that they can distinguish green from red and amber. This is vital when driving on the roads and their job would not be possible without this test taking place beforehand. Tow truck drivers should also pass drug tests.

The License, Certification and Insurance

Just like any other driver on the road a tow truck driver will need to have a driving license if he is to complete heavy duty towing in Beaumont. His actions will affect other motorists and if they drive a vehicle that weights more than 10,000 pounds, a commercial driver’s license will be required. The Towing and Recovery Association of America also require tow truck drivers to have certification and at least 90 days of similar work experience. Never work with a company for heavy duty towing without getting proof of insurance.

The Necessary Tools and Equipment

The vehicle that a tow truck driver operates must be large enough to handle heavy duty towing in Beaumont. It should also be embellished with the company logo (if they have one) and the name of the company in bold letters. The vehicle should have strong suspension and lighting for use in the night. In addition to this, it should have a transmission cooler fitted on the truck.

Your vehicle may be subject to police impoundments unless you pay for heavy duty towing in Beaumont. Not only this, but if you break down and leave your vehicle unattended it may be exposed to thieves and could even distract other drivers, resulting in an accident. The sooner you get these services; the sooner repairs can be completed. Contact Spanky’s Wrecker Service to hire a tow truck driver with experience and licenses.



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