Why Receiving Services in Estero, FL Are Essential to Interior Design Projects

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Moving Services

Hundreds of newcomers move to Florida every year and many of them hire interior designers to furnish their homes. The projects often involve renovating existing residences and ordering new furniture for every room. Designers in cities like Estero order from suppliers all over the U.S. and sometimes outside of the country. Items are shipped and usually need to be stored until they are needed. With that in mind, design firms typically have pieces delivered to moving companies that offer receiving services in Estero FL. These businesses offer white glove service, have the equipment and personnel to handle fine goods, and will deliver to homeowners.

Suppliers Do Not Ship to Some Locations

Warehousing and receiving services are critical to interior design projects because work is completed in stages. Everything cannot be delivered in at once, so it must be carefully stored. In addition, shippers do not deliver to residences. They will ship to businesses that have docks and most of these companies are in the transport business. There are some interior design firms with their own warehouses, but most work closely with moving, storage, and delivery companies that offer receiving services in Estero FL.

Receiving Personnel Provide a Range of Services

Designers also rely on freight moving specialists because they have the necessary personnel and equipment to receive furniture, fixtures, and appliances. As a result, designers who want to ensure that every item is carefully opened and inspected arrange delivery of shipments via sites like Website Domain. Movers’ websites include a “Contact us” option that lets designers reach professionals who can schedule receiving and storage services. When packages arrive, skilled personnel have the muscle and tools to open every kind of container and the skill to avoid damaging contents. They inspect each item and notify design firms of any flaws.

Warehousing Specialists Provide White Glove Delivery

The same professionals who receive freight for design projects also carefully store it. They often provide air-conditioned units for furnishings. Moving companies that work with designers provide white glove service. When clients are ready, experts carefully protect furnishings, deliver them, and provide set-up services.

Most interior design firms order dozens of items for each project and have them delivered to businesses that provide receiving services. Professionals unbox and inspect items and then store them until they are needed. When clients are ready, movers deliver and set up furnishings.

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