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Piano Movers understand that this job is different than relocating other types of belongings. It requires special care and an expertise that not every moving company will have. If you have a piano that needs to be taken to a new home, here are the reasons why you need to hire professional movers in Vancouver WA to handle this task.

Pianos are awkwardly shaped and probably heavier than you think.

A grand piano can weigh as much as 1,200 pounds. When you consider what a challenge it was to move a sofa, something that generally tops out around 300 pounds, you can see why a piano would be a concern. It is not always possible to move them out through hallways and narrow doors easily, because of both their size and shape. This means special equipment including hoists are often required to safely remove them from a home.

They are more delicate than many people realize.

The average mover seeing a piano on casters may have the impression that pushing it out the door is the best way to go. Unfortunately, the weight of the piano may cause the casters to move poorly and damage flooring. The legs on some pianos are also decorative and may break if a caster sticks while the piano is being pushed.

Disassembling, wrapping and reassembling is for professionals.

Some pianos can only be moved safely with the removal of the legs or other components. All pianos should be wrapped to prevent edges from being scuffed and little things, like securing the piano’s top and keyboard lids, have to be remembered. Once delivered, all of this needs to be done in reverse. Not every moving company will take the time or effort to do this because they may not even realize the need for it.

When calling Piano Movers in Vancouver, residents need to realize they must call someone who specifically advertises this service rather than just asking if they can do it. Hiring a company with trained staff is the only way to be certain your piano will arrive in the same condition it was in when it left. company name is an example of this type of company. They are licensed and insured and are able to handle both short and long distance moves.

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