Protecting Shipments With Professional Crating In Austin Can Eliminate Damage During Shipment

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Moving Services

Ensuring that merchandise is properly packed increases a distributor or retails establishment’s credibility as a reliable place to purchase merchandise. Crating in Austin offers a variety of solutions from small antique pieces to large pieces of machinery. The importance of packaging is that the packaging needs to fit like a glove during shipment. Any moving pieces must be safely secured, and limited movement during transport is the key to protecting an item from damage or breakage during shipment. For smaller items, attaching some bubble wrap and building a box will probably not protect a piece. Packaging a large piece of machinery by placing it on a flatbed truck with a few chains is not going to protect it from the elements, stone damage or any other damage it could endure in transport.

A company like Crate Master offers personalized and customized shipping solutions to protect a domestic shipment or an international shipment. A cargo boat or a tractor trailer truck shipment can be adequately protected by a company that specializes in this type of shipping. They have extensive training in customized woodwork and building of transportation crates and packing from small to large jobs. Their attention to detail and precision built crates can take the worry and concern of the product being damaged. Even expensive one-of-a-kind paintings can be properly packed with a customized crate built to protect its value. There is no need to ever lose another item to an insurance claim due to improper packaging.

Crating in Austin can even handle a project as large as a plane for the proper shipment without a worry about damage in shipping. A professional company can handle on-site crating for any company with any size project. This special craftsmanship is unsurpassed in the market. Crating an item is not just about building an adequate box around an item. It entails such things as securing loose items and protecting breakable areas with protection. It also includes keeping dust from entering the item’s delicate parts which could include shrink-wrapping pieces to eliminate this problem. Securing property in shipping is imperative to great customer satisfaction now and in the future.

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