Choosing Temporary Storage Facilities in Connecticut

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Moving Services

While the tenant has found a new apartment, it will not be available until 30 days after the lease on the old place is up. Since there is the need to vacate the premises, something has to be done with the furniture and other things while the individual stays with a friend for that month. By taking the time to evaluate options for Storage Facilities in Connecticut and choosing the right one, this transitional period will be much easier to manage.

Climate Controlled Environment

While the need for storage is temporary, it pays to spend a little extra and only look at Storage Facilities in Connecticut which offer temperature and humidity control. If the weather should become unpredictable, the client can rest assured that all those belongings will not be affected in any way. When the time comes to move everything to the new place, the condition of each item will be just as it was when it was placed in the storage unit.

Ability to Organize Belongings

As long as there is the need for temporary storage, rent something that is large enough to allow the customer to organize everything properly. A little extra room will make it easy to group boxes, so everything for the kitchen is found in the same area. This approach will make it much easier to load things onto the truck when the time for the final move comes, and ensure everything goes to the right room when the boxes are delivered.

Proximity to the New Place

It never hurts to consider facilities which are somewhat near the new place. While the facility does not have to be in the same neighborhood, opting for one that can be reached in less than a half hour will mean less time spent going back and forth during the final move. The time can be better spent setting up the rooms in the new place and having everything situated before it is time to go back to work Monday morning.

For more ideas about renting temporary storage, Visit website and check out the other suggestions. It will not take long to find the right facility, get out of the older apartment, and begin making plans for the final move once the new place is available.

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