How to Budget for Your Moving Services in Ottawa

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Transportation and Logistics

Whenever you’re planning a move, it’s very important that you create a moving budget. Most people who move feel too overwhelmed to set aside time to develop one. However, not preparing financially could really make for a costly trip as items can add up. So, let’s walk through the steps required to develop a sound moving budget.

Create a Budget Template

Here’s where software programs come in handy – simple and easy to use when creating a budget. Of course, Microsoft Word or Excel are the best programs to use, plus Excel allows you to use formulas for quick calculations.

Moving Company Expenses

So, what should you figure in when devising the budget? Here’s a break-down of the potential costs:

Moving Company Fee: This includes the fuel charges and labor. To help pick a moving services company, ask for estimates from three movers, and even add the highest quote to your budget as a worst case scenario.

Additional Insurance: If you prize your items, you may need to add this on to your total moving costs. And if you’re wondering about insurance before moving, remember that accidents do happen. Keep in mind that most companies offering moving services automatically provide “valuation” which is the predetermined limit of liability as noted on the moving contract or bill of lading.

Extra Services: These could include preparing appliances, moving a piano, etc. Ask the moving company for quotes if these services apply. Some moving companies lump all extra fees that do not fall under any of the other categories and label them “Accessorial Charges”.

Extra Charges: These may include charges for expedited services, flight, long-haul and even shuttle service.

Claims/damage costs: you may not need to pay for these, but to be safe, add in 5 percent based on the total moving company fees to provide for any contingencies.

Professional Packing: This is an optional service, of course. When moving, you may find yourself in need to hire a professional packing service. Keep in mind that there are lots of services available, from packing your entire household to packing selected items only. So, before you hire or even decide to hire, you’ll need to consider your time and energy against the cost required in hiring professionals. When it comes to packing options and moving services, Ottawa residents have plenty of options.


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