How To Avoid Expensive Shipping to India With Professional Parcel Forwarding Services

by | Sep 11, 2012 | Transportation and Logistics

In the past few years the process of online shopping has truly taken off, and it has become easier and more convenient for shoppers from all over the world to log online and buy items from retailers all around the globe. For the many online shoppers in India, that look to the United States when buying goods online, there can be a few flaws in this system; primarily when it comes to shipping.

Although it is possible to get shipping to India from the United States, many shoppers are finding that these shipping costs can be very expensive and a strain for anyone to pay. This is why those looking to shop for retail items in the United States and get shipping to India, should be aware of a few truths about shipping from US online stores so you can spot hidden shipping costs and find the best way to save when purchasing from online retailers.

Most shoppers who buy items from US based retail stores will expect to pay certain fees when it comes to their international shipping. However, what many shoppers do not realize is that in addition to paying fees for international shipping there are other costs that can be added to their shipping prices that can make shipping to India even more costly than they imagined. When you buy from stores in the United States you can be charged shipping costs based on either the size of the package or its actual weight. There are many online retailers who don’t offer flat rate shipping and can charge you astronomical fees if your package weighs a certain amount or if your items need to be sent in a certain sized box.

This is why it is important to pay close attention to the shipping cost calculators that are available on most retail websites, so that you are fully aware of how much shipping to India will cost with your order, before you check out. If you are still finding that your shipping costs are too much to handle, you can always turn to professional parcel forwarding. WIth these professional services, you can have your items sent to your own unique address in the United States, meaning you only pay for the affordable US shipping costs with every purchase.

Once your item has arrived at your new US address the parcel forwarding company will take the item and send it to you at a low cost. You can typically even take advantage of consolidation options and get multiple packages from multiple online retailers sent to your door while avoiding duplicate shipping charges. Since these companies specialize in shipping to India and other countries around the globe, they are able to offer their shipping costs at an astronomically low rate, and save shoppers a great deal of money in the process.

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