Calling for a Tow Truck in Columbus OH

Calling for a Tow Truck in Columbus OH

When choosing a towing service, you should consider several of the company’s aspects. Most towing companies have several different types of vehicles, equipped to handle almost any situation. It is best to choose a service with 24 hour a day, seven day a week availability; below are some additional tips on choosing a wrecker service.

Choosing the Service

Selecting a towing service is almost as important as choosing a physician. You’ll want to choose a service that’s trustworthy, one that handles your vehicle carefully, and does not charge too much. Some wrecker services are more concerned with job volume than service quality, and you should avoid these at all costs. Companies with city contracts often work on commission, and can be more concerned with getting calls than handling your vehicle.

Vehicle Availability

The towing service you choose should have both rollback and wheel-lift trucks available; these truck types can handle almost any kind of vehicle. A wheel-lift truck is what most people visualize when they think of a ‘wrecker’, and it tows vehicles with the drive wheels lifted off the road. The rollback has a tilting flatbed, and it carries your car entirely.

Asking for Discounts

If you choose a wrecker service that is owned by an auto garage or service center, you should ask if you will get a discount if you use that particular shop. The potential for a towing discount may help you decide between several companies offering similar services.

In many cases, the smaller companies are the ones willing to work hard to get and keep your business. If you belong to an automobile club, price isn’t as much of a factor, and you should make the decision based on level of service alone.

No one likes to be stranded on the side of the road, but it happens to most people at some point. Whether you drive a beat-up pickup truck, or you are cruising around in a collector car that needs special handling, when you need a Tow Truck in Columbus OH, you should choose a towing company that provides a combination of outstanding service and reasonable prices.

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