Breaking Down Without a Roadside Assistance Plan

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

If you’ve let your roadside assistance plan lapse, you might be wondering whether it’s worth bothering paying for another year of cover. Money is tight and you’re saving for your summer trip to Europe – so you decide not to bother. But imagine breaking down at the side of a deserted highway in the freezing cold weather, late at night – then you’ll wish you had kept your roadside assistance policy!

Towing companies

There’s no need to worry; if you need roadside assistance or towing in Denver, there are a number of companies who can help. Your best bet is to look for a reliable towing company that covers the area, as they will often also offer assistance in emergencies. So what sort of help can you expect? Normally, roadside assistance companies can offer some or all of the following services:

* Flat tire changes

* Vehicle lock-outs

* Fuel delivery

* Jumpstarts

Of course, if you need a tow to the nearest gas station or your home, then reliable towing companies can also help with this. But how do you know which company to choose?


Of course, if you’re booking a service in advance, such as a tow, or if you need a tire changed whilst your car is at home, you’ll have plenty of time to ring around various companies for a quote. Always ask to see their customer testimonials, and evidence of their insurance and licenses. However, if you’re stuck at the side of a cold, dark highway, this is probably the last thing on your mind! Hopefully, you at least have a cellphone with internet access with you, and by searching for towing in Denver, a list of companies should appear. It’s worthwhile ringing a couple to see who can reach you the fastest – some companies offer a 60 minute guarantee, whilst others are only able to offer certain services.

Breaking down on holiday

Breaking down on holiday has the potential to ruin your relaxing break, particularly if you’ve gone away in the RV for the weekend. Without roadside assistance, it can be difficult to know what to do if the worst happens! There are towing companies in Denver who can tow your RV to the nearest gas station or garage, and most of them have specialist equipment for doing this.

You should really ensure that your roadside assistance plan doesn’t lapse, particularly in the winter months, as you could become stranded in bad weather. Cover doesn’t cost much, and if you breakdown whilst driving alone it will feel like it was worth every penny. Without roadside assistance, it can sometimes be difficult to find a company who are able to help you, particularly if you’re trapped in a blizzard!

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