A Furniture Removalist Makes Your Moving Easy

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Moving Services

When you are in the process of putting an offer down on a house and telling friends and family about the move, the last thing you will be thinking about is hiring a furniture removalist. However, it’s best to start early to avoid hiccups further down the line. Taking the time to research local companies, compare prices and browse insurance cover options will benefit you when the big day arrives. While you may be able to transport some items on your own, bulky and fragile items may need to be handled by a professional who offers the following services.

Furniture Packaging

Unless the furniture is packaged properly, it may be at risk of damage. Some furniture removalists will package the items for you, or at the very least will provide you with the essential materials. These will include boxes, bubble wrap, labels, tape, foam and paper. Polythene will come in handy, because it won’t take up too much room but will act as a protective barrier so that should the furniture come into contact with something else, it won’t be impaired. Compare your options by finding out which companies offer packaging services and whether there is an additional charge.

Compensation Assistance

You never know when something may get damaged or someone may get hurt on the grounds of your property during a move. In order to avoid financial predicaments, the furniture removalist should assist with winning compensation, if necessary. Most companies will be covered by insurance so that if someone claims for loss or damage, things can be dealt with in a legal manner.

Detailed Quotations

Steer clear of companies that will not provide you with written quotations, because this is an indication that they have something to hide. To make an informed decision when hiring a furniture removalist you need to consider your budget and discuss payment options. Some removalists will require an upfront payment whereas others may not require payment until the job has been completed. Certain things will affect the price, such as the amount of furniture being moved, the number of trips, the destination of your new property, etc. The removalist will be punctual and attentive, so don’t be afraid to tell them if you have any special requests pertaining to particular pieces.

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