A Courier Service to the USA Could Get Hazardous Goods Through

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Transportation

The United States is notorious for cracking down on drugs and the sale or use of illegal items, especially at their borders. If you plan on taking a trip outside the US, you may find yourself in need of a courier service to send items back to the USA, especially if you want to have souvenirs that will be nearly impossible to get through USA customs.


A courier service is likely to be able to send items that would stop you at a USA customs office, though you cannot send illegal items to the USA. Each country has its own rules and regulations and governs what is appropriate and inappropriate to send. If your item falls into these categories, it won’t matter if you try to take it through in your luggage or hire a courier service to the USA to help as the item will not go through.


Most consumable alcohol can be brought into the USA, though certain brands of absinthe are not allowed. When it was first created, absinthe was considered poisonous due to the way it was made. Modern absinthe is not made in the same way, though you must know whether or not you are purchasing modern or older options. Look for bottles of absinthe that mention thujone-free alcohol and ensure that the actual worth psychotropic or absinthe are not located on the bottle. This may help you be able to bring absinthe with you from other countries back into the USA.


Many people travel to foreign countries in order to bring back exotic plants to plant in their gardens. While this is perfectly safe in most cases, certain plants are illegal to bring into the USA. Customs in the US are very strict for any kind of plant or craft that offers straw, berries and seeds. Make sure to check beforehand whether your plant or craft will be accepted, and then ensure you have the proper permits, if required.


A courier service may be able to help you bring in certain kinds of ivory into the US. Ivory is considered illegal to bring into the States because elephants are on the Endangered Species Act. However, you may have traveled to your family in another country and been provided with an antique piece of jewelry that used ivory, so you are safe, as long as you have the documentation provided.

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