Why Not Take a Cab in Lakewood?

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Uncategorized

When you need a Cab in Lakewood, you can call Long Beach Yellow Cab Co-Op and know you’ll be driven by a licensed driver in a vehicle that has been well maintained. In some areas, public transportation is not comfortable or close enough to be convenient. On your way to or from a medical appointment, you may not feel comfortable on a bus, even if one is available. If you have an elderly parent or grandparent who has errands to run, doctor appointments to get to, and shopping to do, and if you can’t be there yourself, imagine the peace of mind in knowing you can make arrangements for them to have a Yellow Cab pick them up at home, get them to their destination safely, and be there to bring them home safely again.

If you want to go to a large community celebration in Lakewood and don’t want to have to worry about parking, why not take a Cab in Lakewood to events like the annual Pan Am Fiesta in May. The event is held each year at Mayfield Park, and it’s a celebration of North American and South American cultures. Especially at night, when it may not be safe for one person walking alone to a car, let a taxi pick you up.

Of course, if you plan to go out with friends and no one is the designated driver, a Cab in Lakewood will ensure that everyone gets around town safely and makes it home safely. If you have grocery shopping to do, it can be a hassle getting your bags onto the bus. If you take a cab, your driver will gladly help you load your bags into the car. If you’re going to or from the airport, the driver will help you with your suitcases. They’ll even make non-stop runs to the airport so that their customers don’t have to worry about missing a flight due to the cab stopping to pick up another fare along the way.

Corporate clients can take advantage of using a cab service to get their clients to their hotels, around town, and back to the airport while traveling, and they have a discount voucher program for corporate customers.


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