Turn Your Vacation into an Adventure

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Salish Sea

Your next vacation destination is taking you to British Columbia. As you explore the ferry schedule Vancouver to Victoria, you can’t help but think you want something more. You do not want to just hop in a rental car and waste two hours letting the ferry carry you across the harbor. You don’t want to worry about driving anywhere. This is your vacation. You’re letting others take care of you for a change. It’s time to see what other options are waiting for you to get from Vancouver to Victoria or vice versa. Why not take a cruise?

Cruises Aren’t Only for the Bahamas
The Pacific Northwest offers you one of the most beautiful places to cruise in the world. If you are not one for the tropics, the Southern Gulf Islands could be your perfect getaway. Don’t worry about the regular ferry schedule Vancouver to Victoria. When you venture out on a cruise line, you will get the whole package as you journey to the treasures that are the pride of British Columbia. Enjoy fine cuisine that is a specialty on the island. Take your pick of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Choose your accommodations. You can take in the sea, sun, and fresh air on the sundeck. Sit in royal class to get a sweeping view of the sea, front and center. Enjoy comfort in premium seating as well. Regardless of what section you choose, you will have free Wi-Fi as you tell the world all about your experience.

The Best Journeys Happen on the Sea
V2V knows how glorious the Salish Sea can be when you get to sit back and savor it. Go to wwebsite to see what is available. You can book your trip far in advance, ensuring everything will fall into place when you take your vacation, cruise-style, in British Columbia.

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