Tips for Packing Up and Relocating to Charlotte, NC

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Moving Services

For many homeowners, one of the least enjoyable parts of moving is packing everything up to be moved. This is especially the case for people with a large number of possessions. Although moving companies can provide packing services, there are times when you, the homeowner may wish to pack some or all of your possessions yourself. Several tips offer below can help those who are relocating to Charlotte NC pack more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

These below suggestions and ‘best practices’ can also apply to moving companies that provide various packing services for you.

Wrapping Items
Pack items that are individually wrapped, fragile or small separately – or you can pack a handful of them together in tiny boxes. Then, cushion them with shredded or crushed paper. You can also use lightweight blankets and towels for cushioning and padding. The more fragile an item is, the more you should cushion it. Do not leave any rims, points or edges uncovered. Also, keep your small boxes inside one large box, and fill in all empty spaces with a cushioning material such as crushed paper.

Handling Cartons
Don’t overload your cartons when you are relocating. Charlotte NC movers, suggest that you strive to pack your personal items firmly, which will keep them from shifting easily. You should be able to close the carton over without forcing it, but the cover also shouldn’t bend inward. Be sure to seal your cartons tightly using tape, although your van operator may wish first to inspect cartons containing high-value items, in which case you should leave these cartons un-taped.

Labeling Cartons
Once you finish packing and taping each carton, be sure to list accurately each carton’s contents on the carton’s side. This makes the list easier to view when your cartons are stacked. You should also list these contents in a notebook. It may even be in your interest to try to code the cartons.

Next, indicate which room the carton should go, and make sure your name is written on the carton. To help to make the move more efficient, you can post signs on your new room doors indicating the name of the room. This will enable the movers to get your boxes into the right rooms quickly. Be sure to mark specially any cartons you will need to access right away while at your new destination as well.

Whether performed by you or your moving company, following above packing practices will help ensure that your (the customer’s) belongings are kept safe and secure during transport.

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