The Safe Driving Techniques Taught at a Truck Driving School.

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Transportation

Driving a big rig is much different than driving a car; trucks are much heavier and the mechanics are much different. Learning how to safely drive these machines is a part of ensuring that everyone makes it home. The following are some of the safety techniques learned at a driving school that trains for the commercial driver’s license:

The weight of the trucks makes it harder to stop them. The problem is simple physics: heavy objects such as a two ton truck require a lot more time to stop the forward momentum. Safe driving techniques address how much room is needed to stop a truck and they vary depending on the weight of the load that is being carried. Both the weight of the truck and the weight of the load is considered when looking at the stopping power of the truck.

Turning is another difference with larger trucks. The turning radius is much bigger than the standard car or truck and, because many turns aren’t built for trucks, turning requires a certain finesse. The weight of the load can also create problems with turning. Trucks have overturned because they have taken turns that are much too tight for them to handle. Also, cars have been struck because trucks attempted a turn that they shouldn’t have.

Learning how to secure the load properly is another of the safe driving techniques addressed in training. Improperly secured loads will shift during transports and this weight shifting will change the center of gravity for the truck, consequently causing the momentum in the truck to change. In many cases, this will lead to an accident. That is why learning how to deal with a shifted load is another safety item addressed in safety classes. Even perfectly balanced loads can shift during transport and cause issues.

The safety of driving a big truck is paramount. Learning how to drive one requires knowing how the truck will react in certain situations. Stopping, turning and securing the load are just some of the safety issues that are addressed. For more information on training and learning how to drive these big trucks, contact Company Name.

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