Save money when moving

by | May 8, 2014 | Transportation

Hiring professional movers in NYC is not cheap but their experiences will make the move stress free and trouble free. The truth is no matter how you make the move it is an expensive undertaking and although there are things that you cannot cut corners on, there are things you can do to save money on the move.

You must remember that the cost to make a move is dependent on the distance, the weight and the time of year. With the cost of fuel and the charges applied for a one-way rental, moving yourself vs. using professional movers in NYC is something that you can compare but in almost every case using professional movers is by far the best solution.

To keep the cost of a professional move down, follow a few tips.

  • *  Lighten up: Get rid of everything that you will not need. If you have boxes full of old books, leave them with people who might enjoy them, hold a big garage sale; give things to charities. In moving; weight means money, the more it weighs the more it costs; it is as simple as that.


  • * Off season move: If you can avoid it never move in June or July. This is the time of the year when schools are on summer break and people with families are almost forced into moving during these two months. If you are flexible move anytime in the middle of any month other than June or July, you should get a considerable discount from your moving company.


  • * Book early: As soon as you know you are moving, book the professional movers in NYC. Waiting for the last minute may mean that you pay more because the moving company has to slot you in and for this service there may be a charge.


  • * Be flexible: If you can work the pick-up and delivery times to the moving company’s schedule. This should be possible once you have established your move out and move in dates.


  • * Be ready to move: If you decided to do your own packing make sure it is completed on the day of the move. Moving companies will charge you more if they have to help you with last minute packing. If you have furniture or appliances that have to be disassembled you may be better off contracting this with the moving company.


Just remember, professional movers in NYC can do everything but there is a charge for every service. Decide what you can do and what they can do and there will be no unpleasant surprises.


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