How to Efficiently Pack Belongings for Storage in NYC

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Storage

Packing and loading assets into storage in NYC can be stressful and tiresome. It can be especially nerve-racking when a person has to sort through an entire household of items. To make this job calmer and more organized, a person should learn how to pack and load items into a storage unit in a systematic manner. The following suggestions can help with this.

It’s tempting to start putting items into random boxes. Doing this will certainly get packing out of the way quicker. However, it can cause effects to become damaged. It can also result in a person not making use of the space he has in his storage unit. It’s advisable for a person to make a few lists. One list will contain general categories of the belongings that will go into Storage in NYC. For instance, this list can have categories such as “kitchen items”, “clothing”, and “furniture”. Next, a person should take the time to write down the specific effects that will go into storage. Other lists should have belongings a person wants to give to charity or discard.

After picking out the items to be packed, a person should acquire the right packing supplies. Cardboard boxes of similar size will help a person pack a storage unit easier without having to purchase expensive containers. A person should buy packing tape so boxes will stay shut and be easy to open. It’s helpful to draw a diagram showing the placement of the boxes.

When placing items into storage, a person can use corners to support heavier stacks. Fragile or sensitive items should be placed on the tops of stacks to prevent damage or ruin. Empty spaces such as the interior of appliances can be used to store items that are hard to pack. There should be a pathway down the middle of the boxes to allow easier access to boxes.

By first deciding which items to pack, making helpful lists, getting the right packing supplies, and correctly loading a storage unit, a person can protect his household goods. It will also minimize the chances of items being stolen since they will be in a secure location.

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