Helicopter Rides in the Big Apple

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Transportation

New York City has so much to offer its visitors; what better way to tour the city than in a helicopter? The view from the sky is incomparable, and allows new and seasoned tourists alike to enjoy the architecture and environment from above the noise. Let New York Helicopter facilitate your best New York City experience with helicopter rides over NYC.

New Experiences

Whether you’ve taken New York Helicopter tours or not, this exciting mode of transportation is unparalleled and is a thrilling way to see NYC before traversing the busy streets. Get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful buildings, populated parks, and inspiring art in a unique way. The Statue of Liberty is not just for distant viewing – with a helicopter ride, this work of art will become even more beautiful as you gain an up close and personal look. The best new experience of all is the excitement of the ride itself. Different from flying in an airplane, helicopters move more quickly, turn easily, and offer a wider view for its passengers.

Varied Options

New York Helicopter offers Liberty, Central Park, and Grand tours, letting you and your friends see select areas of New York from the clouds. These tours range from 15 to 25 minutes long and give you access to the sights and symbols of America’s Freedom, the classic downtown skyscrapers, and even Ellis Island! Visiting these areas in person all in one day can be quite daunting, and helicopter tours give you the chance to see the sights without the time constraints. Take a trip through midtown and uptown Manhattan; see the George Washington Bridge, and even the New Jersey Palisades – all in one flight!

Private Tours

Helicopter tours offer great advantages, not the least of which is the privacy allowances! Take this tour by yourself, or with a friend, and enjoy the sights without the noise of street congestion or fellow bus travelers. Visit your favorite destinations and landmarks with your own personal tour guide, and leave behind the quips and interjections of other travelers that may be on mass transit tours. With New York Helicopter, your private, luxurious tour awaits! Book one of our three tour options today, and don’t miss out on the beautiful sights that NYC has to offer.

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