Cutting The Cost Of A Ship A Car Quote

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Moving Services

Shipping a vehicle can be expensive. However, it is possible to save money. You need to research the various companies offering their services. Do obtain several prices, using online ship a car quote forms before contacting companies individually to ensure the price quoted is the one for which you are eligible. Contacting each of them also helps to clarify whether they offer services that you know can decrease the cost of shipping your vehicle.

How to Cut Costs

When researching auto transport companies, make sure they offer options to any premium service they provide. There are ways you can reduce the overall cost. Below are several options that can provide you with savings on the overall cost of shipping.

  • Deliver the car yourself: Whether shipping a vehicle overseas or across the country, you can save money by dropping and/or picking it up yourself. Companies do provide door-to-door pickup and delivery, but it is more costly than the terminal-to-terminal option.
  • Use open transport: If the roads are relatively clear of debris and/or you do not mind leaving your vehicle open to the elements, consider shipping your car using open transport. This is more of a risk than enclosed transport, but it is also less expensive. This method is very suitable for older vehicles but not “precious” antique, rare or unique vehicles.
  • Schedule during off-peak hours: Reduce the cost by shipping it during the non-busy times of the year.
  • Be flexible about the time: If you wanted the car yesterday, it costs you more than if you are flexible about pick-up and delivery dates.

Moreover, if you want the best available ship a car quote, be sure you get several.

Ship a Car Quote

If you are looking for a ship car quote that reflects both your requirements and your budget, go online. Obtain multiple quotes for comparison. Read carefully what each company offers and narrow down your options before making the optimal decision.

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