How to Choose a Storage Unit Size Rochester MN

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Moving Services

Storage facilities get busy during the summer and winter months. This is mostly because people move during the summer and may need a quick place to put their belongings while they are organizing a new home or they have winter holiday decor needing to be stored somewhere else besides where they live. Depending on why the person needs a storage unit will depend on the size of the storage unit they may need. How does one choose the Storage Unit Size in Rochester, MN?

Items Needing to Be Stored

The items needing to be stored by an individual or family are important when considering the size of the storage unit needed. If it is only a few pieces of furniture to be stored, a person can get away with having the smallest size storage unit which is typically a 5 x 5. This is about the size of a walk-in closet or small bathroom. When needing to store the furniture and belongings from an entire home, the largest size unit may need to be rented. In most cases, this is a 10 x 25 or a 10 x 30 unit. These size units can hold contents from a 3-4 bedroom home. At some facilities, there are larger units for commercial needs only.

Cost and Location of the Unit

The cost and location of the storage unit can also be a factor in determining what size a person will get. If the facility is not convenient for them, they may decide they do not want to store as much in the unit and opt for a smaller size. The same goes for the cost. If the unit is too expensive, a person may decide they do not need a larger unit to save money.

Recommendation from the Storage Facility

Many storage facilities have office staff that can recommend a size unit based on what a person want to store. They are most familiar with their own units and what they will and will not hold.

Storage facilities may have units on the indoors and on the outdoors. Some of these are climate controlled and can ensure the temperatures are regulated in the units to avoid damage to electronics, antique furniture, and clothing. This is helpful if people need this and can afford it. For more information on Storage Unit Size in Rochester, MN, Browse the website of Rochester Indoor Storage.

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